How PR Apprenticeship forged a career pathway #GEW2020


This Global Entrepreneurship Week we’re catching up with former PR apprentices to hear how their career has emerged since successfully completing their apprenticeship.

I would describe my PR apprenticeship as insightful, challenging and fun, and my learnings as an apprentice have certainly fed into successive roles, and into my current role where I lead on the delivery of special projects and events at an education charity.

I completed my apprenticeship at a specialist finance and technology PR agency, which required a lot of mental fine tuning as I was no way near inclined to those areas, however I saw it as an opportunity to broaden my awareness. It certainly made me feel smart!

Throughout my apprenticeship I got to work with a range of stakeholders such as journalists, designers and c-suite level people to name a few. This helped me build confidence in managing relationships and communicating effectively, which has served me well on a professional and personal level.

Two key highlights of my apprenticeship are: Helping to pitch for a new advertising technology client in only my second week into the programme (which we won!) and overseeing the press that attended Prince Harry’s visit to a Summer programme launched by our client at the time, that provided food and sports to disadvantaged young people.

The mentorship and structured learning I received helped me to develop many skills and much insight in a short space of time, and I really appreciate having had this opportunity. 

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