Fuse Podcast

‘Fuse’ is a PR and Marketing podcast from the world’s largest body for PR professionals – PRCA. Broadcaster Dan Gold hosts with a rotating crew of PR, Communications, Marketing, and creative professionals from around the world. Listen to cutting edge insight focused on influence and innovation.

Season 2

When Taking the Unconventional Path Works! Season 2, Ep.9

Higher Education’s fight for attention. Season 2, Ep.8

Developing life’s most important skill – Confidence. Season 2, Ep.7

‘Where is the motor industry headed? Season 2, Ep.6

‘What the future of PR looks like. Season 2, Ep.5

‘We cannot do it alone’ – Knowing the stakes and taking action for Ukraine. Season 2, Ep.4

‘Talent Holds the Power’ Season 2, Ep.3

Introducing New Co-Host Ayesha Lett from Barbados! Season 2, Ep.2

Running a PR Agency in China. Season 2, Ep.1

Season 1

Building Equity from the ground up. Season 1, Ep.12

Finding Purpose with Nestle. Season 1, Ep.9

No Office? No worries. Lets go campervaning. Season 1, Ep.6

How my job-hunt went viral on Tik-Tok Season1, Ep.3

Do you have empathy for your clients? Season 1, Ep.11

From jobseekers to PR pioneers: The Story behind the Cannes Young Lions Champs. Season 1, EP.8
Take Action on D&I with Formula E. Season 1, Ep.5

That video that went Viral! Season 1.

Balderdash. Stop with the Jargon! Season 1, Ep.10
The Power of Empathy. Season 1, Ep.7

‘Truth be told’ with Omnicom’s David Gallagher. Season 1, Ep.4