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Hidden disabilities and the joy of flex

In part due to the world turning upside down in 2020, it feels like the phrase ‘flexible working’ is being bandied about more than it’s ever been before. Whether you’re at the coalface of campaigning for more flexibility, or

How to glow in the dark

You don’t need me to tell you how dark it is out there. It’s grim. We’ve got winter, weird weather, wars and worse. Inflation rates are at a twenty year high. Next year there will be 400 elections worldwide,

Marketers and PR agencies can no longer afford to be vague

We all know that data is not just important, we understand that it is fundamental to how we shape our collective future. Metaphors abound, but one thing is certain, data is the gravitational force shaping the contours of business.

ESG and AI Top Priorities in ICCO World PR Report

ESG is the area in which most investment is expected in 2024, while mastery of AI tools is the most important skill for the future, according to the new ICCO World PR Report 2023-2024. Produced annually, the World PR Report

You are the role model in client management for your trainees

Managing clients well, building relationships and trust, is a much sought after skill in all aspects of marketing, be it public relations, advertising, event management or any other. Understanding how to best communicate, act as a client’s ambassador, use