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You are the role model in client management for your trainees

Managing clients well, building relationships and trust, is a much sought after skill in all aspects of marketing, be it public relations, advertising, event management or any other. Understanding how to best communicate, act as a client’s ambassador, use

How to make your writing flow as smoothly as hot chocolate

Even the most compelling subject won’t engage a reader if the writing itself is ‘sticky’. If readers stumble over clunky sentences or need to reread paragraphs, they’ll either skim parts or give up altogether. Writing needs to flow as

Breaking the Silence: A Conversation on Mental Health in African PR

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with Marie-Alix du Putter, the Founder and President of the Bluemind Foundation. She shares the personal experience that inspired the creation of Bluemind and discusses the foundation’s mission to destigmatise mental health,

Team UK Win 2023 Next-Gen PR World Cup

Dana Hanna and Jack Everley of the United Kingdom have won Gold at the third annual ICCO Next Generation PR Word Cup. Dana and Jack were representing Ready10, having won the PRCA UK national competition. Silver was claimed by Zahra Fridie and David Gyampo representing South Africa, and Esther

Your PR budget has been cut. Now what?

PR is not alone; businesses are freezing and cutting budgets across the board to manage the current uncertainty around the economic environment. Data from the latest IPA Bellwether report indicates that PR budgets on average have reduced as businesses look to

Free PRCA-Partner Toolkit Helps Deliver Authenticity to #PRethics

As September is the global PR industry’s annual Ethics Month (#PRethics) – with authenticity as the PRCA’s 2023 chosen theme – a free resource is available to help integrate meaningful ethics and compliance into organizations’ communications and reputation management efforts, courtesy