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PRCA Consultancy Membership demonstrates your commitment to best practice, professionalism, and ethical behavior in PR. 

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The Partner University membership applies to the entire university. This gives students access to full PRCA Americas membership for the duration of their undergraduate or postgraduate course. Membership is renewed by the university on a yearly basis. To access all the membership benefits, students must register on the PRCA website, using their university email address.

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For an annual fee, you can join as a PRCA international individual member and demonstrate your commitment to best practice and professionalism in PR and communications. 

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Student membership costs just USD$50 per year. The Student Membership is available to students at all universities for the duration of their undergraduate or postgraduate course. Membership is renewed on a yearly basis, until completion of the degree. 

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PRCA statement on Francis Ingham

Today the PRCA Board has been informed that Francis Ingham has passed away after a short illness. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his

PRCA Américas lanza la Membresía de Graduados

La Asociación de Relaciones Públicas y Comunicaciones (PRCA) Américas ofrece un año de membresía gratuita a estudiantes recién graduados de relaciones públicas, marketing y comunicaciones