Graduate Membership

Graduate membership offers all graduates of PR, marketing and/or communication courses across LATAM, a free 1-year membership.

Joining the PRCA, gives you the chance to become part of the world’s largest network of public relations and communications professionals. Operating in 82 countries and representing more than 35,000 practitioners. Our teams across Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific work with professionals around the world to co-ordinate our operations across six continents. 

We share industry best practice and promote all aspects of public relations and communications work around the globe. All PRCA members are bound by a professional charter and code of conduct to demonstrate that they work professionally, efficiently, and to the highest ethical standards.

What PRCA Americas Graduate Membership offers:

  • Become part of the largest professional body in the world for PR and Communications practitioners, raising your profile, enhancing your credibility, and developing your global network
  • Automatic and free access to both the ICCO and the PRCA thought leadership libraries -the world’s largest resource centres of content and insight for our industry.
  • Global recognition and credibility
  • By joining the PRCA you automatically become a member of ICCO, with access to all its services.
  • Being bound by the PRCA Code of Conduct is the clearest possible demonstration of a commitment to ethical practice.
  • Resources to grow
  • Outstanding professional development
  • Discounted access to the PRCA’s 100 live and interactive webinars, delivered by industry experts; plus, access to the PRCA’s online library of courses, downloaded at any point throughout the year.
  • Our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme provides a structured framework for career development at every level.
  • A global network
  • Insight to keep you on top of industry trends
  • Receive the latest market intelligence and industry data via a twice a month global newsletter
  • Develop insights into other PR markets through the PRCA’s Census Reports in the UK, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific in conjunction with PR Week; and via the ICCO World Report in conjunction with the PRovoke Report.
  • Access to an unparalleled range of events around the world
  • Take part in the annual PRCA Conferences virtually and in person across the world to develop contacts and business relationships.
  • Access ICCO’s annual Global Summit and its annual events on each continent.
  • Enter the PRCA and ICCO awards programmes, showcasing your best work.

How to join

In order to qualify for free graduate membership, please send evidence (photo of your certificate or confirmation from your university) of graduating a PR, marketing and/or communication course in the last 12 months to

Once verified, you will be sent an email with a link to apply online.