PRCA Americas launches Graduate Membership


The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) Americas is offering one-year of free membership to recently graduated PR, marketing, and communications students in Latin America as part of its ongoing commitment to helping prepare the next generation of practitioners.

The PRCA Americas Graduate Membership provides individuals with the opportunity to become part of the world’s largest professional PR association, grow their global network and enhance their professional profile by attending leadership panels, masterclasses, and industry-leading training courses.

Graduates can use the designatory letters MPRCA to demonstrate their commitment to professionalism and best practice.

Melissa Cannon MPRCA, International Director, PRCA said:

“This is an important and exciting step for us at PRCA Americas as we continue to find new ways to support the industry in Latin America around issues of talent. As we all know – learning shouldn’t end at graduation. Our new membership offering will ensure graduates feel empowered to not only forge critical relationships with industry peers but commit to career of learning and professional development.” For more information, please visit the website.

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