Mynewsdesk and Oxford University Press to hold a live global event


Mynewsdesk and Oxford University Press are bringing you a unique global event on the 2nd of March, 2023. Based from a recent study on fact-findings within Media: THE MATTER OF FACT.

Please register early via this LINK to reserve your spot.

The extensive Oxford study, The Matter of Fact, takes a broad look at how people across the world seek out information and judge its accuracy, drawing on a pool of evidence bolstered by survey data collected from thousands of people across the world.

Despite modern concerns around misinformation and false claims, people around the world continue to believe that the information they read and share online and on social media is factually correct, with levels of trust highest in emerging economies. The study reveals that there is a clear geographical difference between regions.

In addition, the younger demographic is also more likely to rely on social media as a source of factual information, with over 44% of those in the 25 to 44 age-bracket turning to the platforms compared to just 12% of over 55s.

From a business perspective, the key is always to know your audience and how to best get their attention. But which source does your audience trust and find factual? Is it legacy media, social media, online media or print media? And how does this affect what, how and where you should communicate?

This global event is to help realise and help make sense of the world around us, encouraging us to consult multiple sources, and question what is shared as fact. With organisations playing a valuable role in championing the importance of quality research and enabling access to accurate, trustworthy information. This event will give organisations an insight on improving their business and communication strategy.

What we will unpack during this live event:
• How do we judge the information we meet?
• How do we share information with others?
• How can we use the insights from the study in our daily lives and
(What are the regional differences?)

Join us on the 2nd of March, 2023 at 10:00 (Central European Time), where Mynewsdesk’s Head of PR, Adam Karseland sits down for a live chat with Christine Richardson, Group Communications Director at Oxford University Press. This is a GLOBAL Oxford University event, with a limit of 500 places.

Please register early via this LINK to reserve your spot.

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