From PRCA Americas LATAM Qualifiers to Real-Life Impact


In 2022, PRCA Americas witnessed a remarkable journey that began with a simple email invitation. Karina Riera, a founding partner at Alurralde Jasper + Asoc (AJ), an esteemed PR firm based in Argentina, received an opportunity, along with many others in the industry across the region, that would lead to extraordinary accomplishments. The invitation was for the PRCA Americas PR NextGen World Cup – LATAM Region Qualifier Competition, that promised to engage local talents and represent the Latin American region. The competition served as a qualifying round for the ICCO Next Generation PR World Cup, a global competition that piqued Karina’s interest from the very beginning. Intrigued by the opportunity, Karina thought of her colleagues Agustina and Guido, two talented individuals within the International Projects team who perfectly fit the criteria of age and English fluency. They had been working together on a project and complemented each other’s skills remarkably well.

The PRCA Americas PR NextGen World Cup – LATAM Region Qualifier campaign’s brief came from CIMA, a foundation dedicated to promoting information about the risks of breast cancer and the importance of early detection based in Mexico, called for a fundraising campaign to fight breast cancer. Agustina and Guido conducted a survey within the agency, discovering that breast cancer had touched the lives of almost everyone they knew. Building on the idea of “6 degrees of separation,” they realised that the distance between individuals and those affected by breast cancer was much smaller – only 3 degrees.

Their campaign, aptly named “3 Degrees of Separation,” focused on the powerful concept of interconnectedness. It aimed to evoke emotions and create a sense of closeness between potential donors and breast cancer patients. The idea highlighted the closer connections between individuals affected by breast cancer, urging people to feel a personal connection to the cause and encourage donations. This ingenious campaign pitch secured them the 1st place in the PRCA Americas PR NextGen World Cup – LATAM Region Qualifier Competition, earning them a spot in the global competition held by ICCO.

At the ICCO Next Generation PR World Cup, Agustina and Guido crafted a compelling pitch for the World Wildlife Fund, aiming to raise awareness about forest preservation. Their campaign, “Wake Up Stories,” reimagined fairy tale characters in peril due to endangered forests, effectively conveying the urgent need for conservation. This imaginative campaign earned them an impressive 2nd place worldwide.

But Agustina and Guido’s journey did not end there. Inspired by the impact of their “3 Degrees of Separation” campaign, the duo, along with AJ, decided to take it a step further. They committed to running the campaign on a pro bono basis for the CIMA Foundation in Mexico. With PRCA’s assistance, they established a connection with the foundation and began collaborating on bringing the campaign to life.

In March, Agustina and Guido flew from Argentina to Mexico, filled with excitement and determination. They met the Director of CIMA in person, understanding the realities faced by the foundation and exchanging powerful ideas. Together, they spent a week in Mexico fine-tuning the campaign plan and materials to ensure its success during Breast Cancer Month in Mexico in October 2023.

Looking back on their journey which is not yet over, Guido expressed, “Participating in both competitions was a unique experience, both personally and professionally. It allowed me to apply two of the things I am most passionate about in this profession, strategy, and creativity, to present proposals for PR campaigns with social impact in record time. To be able to bring this project to reality with such an important foundation, for such a noble cause and with such a talented teammate is an opportunity that I will always cherish.”

Agustina shared her excitement, saying, “I am beyond thrilled with the whole experience. Since the beginning, I knew it was going to be a challenge, especially because we needed to run against the clock. But I was surprised to discover not only the power of creativity under pressure but also the importance of having a determined, positive, and pushing partner to create with. I think the whole process of participating teaches you to think outside-the-box, and that’s why it’s worth participating if you have the chance.”

Their achievements showcased the spirit of determination and creativity that defined AJ, a consultancy firm known for its integrated communications expertise across Latin America and the US Hispanic market.

Agustina, Guido, and the entire AJ team’s journey from the PRCA Americas PR NextGen World Cup – LATAM Region Qualifier Competition to the real world exemplifies the power of passion, creativity, and collaboration in making a positive impact on the lives of others. They proved that ideas born in the realms of imagination can evolve into tangible forces of change, shaping a brighter future for those in need.

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