This online training session, created by GWPR together with ICCO for mid-career PR women, will help you develop your leadership skills. The session includes practical tips and guidance from senior PR women at the very top of their profession, who tell their story on how they succeeded in getting into the boardroom. This course will help you develop the right skills and attitudes to reach the very top of the career ladder.

Event Overview

Who Should Attend?

This online course is aimed at mid-career level PR women who are ready to take that next step into a leadership role.

What attendees will learn:

• Tips for success from global PR leaders

• What skills you need to develop to make the move into leadership roles

• The attitudes and mindset to get you to the top

• How you could be holding yourself back

• What to start and what to stop right now

• Building teams that support achievement For further information about GWPR go to

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