PRCA REEB publishes new ethnicity pay gap guide


The PRCA’s Race and Ethnicity Equity Board (REEB) has published new guidance to help public relations agencies and in-house teams identify and address their ethnicity pay gaps.

Closing the ethnicity pay gap in the PR and Communications industry is a comprehensive 24-page guide, packed with practical tips on how to track and act on ethnicity pay gaps.

The guide – authored by a former Equalities and Human Rights Commission pay equality specialist – is freely available exclusively to PRCA members.

The guide features advice on how to overcome challenges in ethnic pay reporting, including how to improve salary disclosure amongst Black, Asian and ethnically diverse professionals.

PRCA members across the world are invited to attend a live, virtual Q&A event on the guidance featuring guide author Michelle Gyimah and PRCA REEB Chair, Barbara Phillips at 1pm on Wednesday 18th November. 

PRCA REEB Chair, Barbara Phillips MPRCA said:

Our industry needs a reset. The environments in which Black, Asian, and diverse ethnic practitioners operate, have created fertile ground for a disparity in rates of pay and career progression.

“Reporting – and working to close – the ethnicity pay gap is the first step. It will boost your talent retention and help to inspire a new, diverse generation of PR professionals. The ramifications of acting – or failing to act – on this guidance go beyond PR and communications. We have a responsibility to create a fairer socio-economic landscape for Black, Asian and diverse people for years to come.”

PRCA Director-General, Francis Ingham MPRCA said:

“There are simply no excuses for the ethnicity pay gap. Our industry has an ethical obligation to improve its record on this issue and that begins with reporting. We expect our members to read and act on the guidance published today. We have begun this process ourselves and will be reporting on the results next month. I’d like to thank Barbara, Michelle and REEB for their leadership on this vital piece of work.”

The new guide is the first major contribution from the PRCA’s Race and Ethnicity Equity Board, which was created in July this year to establish immediate and long-term racial equity for Black and ethnically diverse PR professionals.

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