PRCA & CIPR join forces to address industry’s mental health challenges


ndustry bodies launch new study during Mental Health Awareness Week

The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA), the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) have announced a cross-industry collaboration to address the industry’s mental health challenges.

The professional bodies have launched a new survey – in partnership with Opinium – to gather insight on the mental wellbeing of PR professionals. Opinium, pro-bono, and in support of the PR Industry, will make use of their proprietary Workplace Mental Wellbeing Framework. The organisations have agreed to use the results to inform a joint programme of activity over the summer aimed at improving the mental wellbeing of PR professionals.  

All PR and communications professionals are strongly urged to complete the survey – the results are expected to deliver the most comprehensive insight into the issue yet.   

PRCA Director-General and ICCO Chief Executive, Francis Ingham MPRCA, said:

“There is no doubt that the industry’s mental health challenges have been compounded by the pandemic. Our people have worked under extraordinary pressure and we must now do everything in our power to establish policies and foster cultures that prioritise mental health. Every employer has a responsibility and a duty of care towards their staff in this regard.I’m pleased that the industry bodies will be working together to create positive change. This is our opportunity to create the change our industry needs.”CIPR CEO, Alastair McCapra, said:

“The impact of the stress attached to working in public relations needs no introduction. The fast-paced, public-facing nature of our work means it can be incredibly rewarding but also hugely taxing. It is the single biggest threat to the profession as a whole – whatever sector, whatever discipline, and whatever level you work in – it shouldn’t have to be this way and collectively this is something we can only change by working together. The pandemic has only served to heighten existing pressures which is why now is the right time for our respective bodies to work together in playing our part to support our members and the wider profession.”

James Endersby, CEO, Opinium, said:

“This has been a challenging year for everyone, with the pandemic impacting so many areas of our lives including our mental health and work lives. Given the challenges we have all faced this year, businesses now have an even bigger role to play in supporting their employees with their mental health. We are delighted to once again be partnering with the PRCA, ICCO and the CIPR to conduct our workplace mental wellbeing audit amongst their members, both agency and client side. If you don’t listen to employees, you can’t effectively help support them with their mental wellbeing – we hope our insights will help accelerate change across the sector at a global level”

Complete the survey.

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