‘When I think of PR I don’t think of your firm – I think of Claire’. This was the boss of Oracle. Most clients are the same. They depend on a single person to make things happen for them. In the case of Oracle, it wasn’t Sterling/GCI and its European network. It was Claire Walker.
Agency/Client relationships today average 3.5 years. But some continue for 10 years or 15. Why? Some clients pursue PR people from one agency to another, and another. Why? Some client relationships are clearly worth a lot of money to agencies and their ‘client relationship managers’.
This webinar describes how to move from being an operator through being seen as a reliable performer to becoming a trusted advisor. It can take years, but it can take months.
Clients often have difficulty deciding about good or bad PR results. But all of them can judge ordinary, good or superlative client service.
This webinar describes the behaviours which will help you become a trusted advisor as quickly as possible. You will learn how to plan and manage client relationships, how to make clients depend on your input, how to forge long-term relationships with B2B and B2C clients, how to use meetings as your showcase… and more.

Event Type: Webinar

Trainer: Adrian Wheeler FPRCA

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How attendees will benefit:

 Attendees will learn short-cuts on the journey between operative and valued advisor

 Who should attend:

 Anyone who wants to forge closer ties with their key client contacts

The trainer is the former CEO of GCI UK and GCI Europe, a network of 28 offices with 53 multi-country clients. He is the author of two PRCA Practice Guides: ‘Writing for the Media’ and ‘Crisis Communications Management’.