Event Overview

The Power of Collaboration: How to Build Parnerships That Really Count 

2021 was the year that collaboration really came to the fore. It motivated famous brands and powerful social initiatives at one end of the scale, through to small businesses and individuals at the other end, to come together to form something more powerful than any of them could deliver individually. But why do some partnerships flourish while others flounder? In this panel-led Masterclass we’ll be exploring the key components to successful collaboration, giving you the skills to implement them more effectively in 2022.

This Masterclass panel discussion will be moderated by Dave Plunkett of Collaboration Junkie. Setting the tone as our first event of 2022, it will introduce Collaboration as ISMAUK’s theme for the year.

Panellists taking part in this Masterclass include:

Renna Markson, Deputy Director General and Engagement Director at the Public Relations and Communications Association

This event will be held on Zoom.

To find out more about the masterclass, please visit the ISMA website here.

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