How often do you hear someone say: ‘That was a great meeting!’ and mean it? We all agree that there are too many meetings… but is that right? Maybe there are too many pointless meetings: we all waste our time, there is no clear objective, everyone says too much or no-one says anything, and there is no real outcome.
Meetings are more important than this. They are the showcase for a PR team to give clients or senior managers a vivid, engaging, impressive experience – one that they’ll remember positively. Meetings are the only time when we become real, 3D human beings in the eyes of our clients or managers. It’s worth taking time and trouble to make sure people say: ‘That was a great meeting!’ and mean it.

Trainer: Adrian Wheeler FPRCA

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Event Overview

What you will learn:

How to prepare for meetings: timing, venue, attendees, agenda, documents, format, materials.

How to manage meetings: chairing, decision-making, discussion, brainstorming, note-taking.

How to ensure that everyone gets a chance to contribute but no-one says too much.

How to manage problems: absentees, late-comers, the unprepared, seniority issues, over-running.

Using visual aids: charts, handouts, video, slides.

How to make an online meeting as close to ‘the real thing’ as possible.

Turning meetings into action: roles and responsibilities, reporting back, follow-up, minutes.

How to make meetings enjoyable.

Who should attend?

Senior executives and managers responsible for calling and chairing meetings; senior executives and managers taking part in meetings and wanting to make an effective contribution; senior managers who wish to make their organisation’s meeting system more productive.

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