Advertising agencies are brilliant at coming up with memorable messages which stay in our minds and change our perceptions. PR agencies are less skilled in this area, and it’s a problem. The heart of a PR programme which changes behaviour is – just as in advertising – a strong, sticky message.
This webinar offers tried-and-tested techniques for generating creative messages that work. Some are drawn from the world of advertising, others from best practice in UK and US PR companies. All will help PRCA members overcome the problem of media messages which clients like but which don’t achieve cut-through with media and stakeholder audiences.

Trainer: Adrian Wheeler FPRCA

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Event Overview

The webinar covers:

Stakeholder mapping: different messages for different audiences

Ascertaining USPs or Primary Differentiation. The Arielle Jackson Technique

What makes a successful media message? Seven Key Criteria

Avoiding jargon, corporate-speak and obscurity

Securing clients’ approval: a method for presenting media messages

Testing media messages before deployment

Monitoring and evaluating media messages’ effectiveness

How and when to review the media message set

The webinar gives examples to illustrate its recommendations. Participants can download a set of notes and check-lists afterwards.

Who should attend:

This course is aimed at anyone writing media material or content.

How attendees will benefit:

The attendess will get a better understanding of how to translate what clients want to say into what the media wants to hear.

What attendees will learn:

The attendess will learn how to persuade clients to adopt messages that will interest their media customers.


The presenter is Adrian Wheeler, former CEO of GCI UK, who started out as a local newspaper reporter. He is the author of two PRCA Practice Guides: ‘Crisis Communications Management’ and ‘Writing for the Media’, both published by Emerald Worldwide.

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