Politicians make decisions that impact on businesses, charities and other organisations on a daily basis – some positive, some less so. Many organisations have no strategy for dealing with or interacting with politicians, and only turn to public affairs when they face a crisis. The most effective organisations play an active role in the political world, building alliances and promoting their issues. This course will explore the strategies and approaches available to communications professionals who want to run a campaign designed to influence the political agenda.

Event Overview

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How attendees will benefit:
Delegates will get an detailed understanding of how to shape the political agenda so at the end they will understand:

Who should attend:
This course provides attendees with the skills to put together and run a successful campaign and engage with political decision makers. It is for consultants and in-house lobbyists who want to improve their public affairs and campaigning skills
What attendees will learn

What materials attendees will receive:
Attendees will receive the comprehensive course presentation which includes case studies and links to free sources of further information.

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