Ten great reasons why your university should join the PRCA

  1. Your university will join the PRCA, a world organization whose mission is to raise public relations and communications standards.
  2. Members of Partner University can designate themselves with the letters MPRCA to show their commitment to professionalism and best practices.
  3. Students have free and unlimited access to PRCA online training courses to assist with academic learning.
  4. PRCA Online Certificate is available for free.
  5. Networking and regional events are free of charge.
  6. Have the opportunity for students and faculties to undertake their CPD
  7. Opportunities to enhance your professional profile by attending leadership panels, masterclasses and training sessions.
  8. Students have discounted access to the annual PRCA Careers Day, supported by potential employers.
  9. Access to discounted industry services
  10. The opportunity to arrange internships and the beginning of a career through our membership of agencies and in-house teams.

Membership is open to all students and faculty. PRCA membership is available to students and university employees for as long as they are working and enrolled in school. University membership is renewed annually.

If you would like to have a conversation or need more information, please feel free to contact Melissa Cannon or Henrietta Okundaye via email at Melissa.Cannon@prca.org.uk and Henrietta.okundaye@latam.prca.global