Google Analytics is a key tool in the modern PR and communications professional’s armoury. It can give us tangible data on how our online and offline campaigns are performing. It shows what a company’s audience is interested in, where visitors arrived from, what the company ranks for on search engines, and more.

It also means that PR and communications professionals can measure the impact of their work more accurately.

This basic overview of Google Analytics and Google Webmasters Tools will give attendees a sense of what they can achieve with the masses of useful data they provide to improve the work they do for clients.

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Event Type: Webinar

Trainer: Chris Lee MPRCA

How attendees will benefit:

In this webinar, we will cover:

•   Introduction to the Google Analytics dashboard

•   How to glean insights from Google Analytics

•   Site admin

•   Creating custom reports

•   Segmentation

•   Goals and events

•   Overview of Search Console / Google Webmasters Tools

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