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The Ukraine Communication Support Network (UCSN) is building a database of helpful resources, project ideas, and collaboration opportunities for communicators around the world who want to help the people of Ukraine. Each day we’ll highlight a Resource Of The Day for inspiration, sharing and amplifying.

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Today’s Resource

The International Association of Risk and Crisis Communications is curating a searchable library of humanitarian efforts related to Ukraine to help promote awareness, donations, volunteering and collaboration opportunities. 

How To Use It

Content is updated frequently, so bookmark it for future use, and please amplify content from projects of interest. Some resources point to donation sites, others to tools to enable secure communication and again others to direct refugee help. Resources are for those wanting to help or for use directly by Ukrainians. 

Wednesday, 6th April

We Are Ukraine was launched by communicators and crisis managers in Ukraine to give people around the world facts, numbers and thoughts on what’s happening in Ukraine and what can be done. 

How To Use It

Please bookmark and share the site, subscribe to the newsletter and review the How To Help section carefully. #WeAreUkaine 

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