PRCA Announces IBE Director Dr. Ian Peters MBE as New Ethics Council Member


The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) announced today the addition of Dr. Ian Peters MBE – director of the U.K.-based Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) – as a new member of the global PRCA Ethics Council.

Dr. Peters joined the IBE in May 2020, following an 11-year post as chief executive of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), where he led a strong period of organizational growth and impact. His career has included 30 years of managing and overseeing business and professional associations.

Dr. Peters assumed leadership of the IBE from his predecessor, Philippa Foster Back CBE, following her 20 years of service. Foster Back joined the PRCA Ethics Council in 2020 and plans to retire from the Council as Dr. Peters takes on her prior position.

The PRCA currently is working in direct partnership with the IBE on an independent assessment of public relations industry-association ethics codes across a wide span of global geographic regions.

The project will yield insights into points of parity and differentiation across cultures, pertaining to how ethical tenets of communication, relationship-building, reputation management and trust are articulated and advanced throughout specific regions of the globe. From these insights, the PRCA Ethics Council will recommend areas of development to help update, modernize and strengthen codes – as well as integration and compliance recommendations for PR consultancies, in-house teams and inclusive communities of practitioners worldwide.

PRCA Director General Francis Ingham MPRCA said:

“Our team greatly appreciates the significant contributions of our friend and colleague, Philippa Foster Back, as a charter member of the PRCA Ethics Council, upon its launch in 2020. Her guidance and wisdom have helped propel us forward, and with her retirement, it is indeed an honour for Dr. Peters to join the Council to represent the IBE’s universal expertise on ethics and compliance, as we seek to extend a holistic, multi-disciplinary knowledge base to the PR industry.”

IBE Director Dr. Ian Peters MBE said:

“I’m really pleased to join the PRCA Ethics Council. Having spent most of my career in and around corporate communications I know how important it is that they are based on sound ethical principles. I look forward to supporting the PRCA Ethics Council in its mission to achieve that.”

About the IBE:
The Institute of Business Ethics was established in 1986 to champion the highest standards of ethical behaviour in business, advising organisations on how to strengthen their ethical culture by sharing knowledge and good practice, resulting in relationships with employees and stakeholders that are based on trust. The IBE is a registered charity funded by corporate and individual donations.

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