‘Don’t fear PR measurement, embrace it’ – PRCA launches events for Measurement Month


The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA) has today launched its Measurement Month events, calling on PR and communications professionals to lean in, learn and embrace meaningful measurement best practice.

The month will be headlined by a gathering of the global industry’s sharpest minds in measurement and evaluation on 30th November for its annual half-day Measurement Conference, in partnership with CARMA.

The month will be dominated with interactive online discussion, challenging the industry to elevate understanding of best practice in the use of data and measurement as an answer to budgets tightening and clients’ rising demands. PRCA members can join a special one-hour Zoom event on 9th November, ‘Cost centre or value generator – Winning the argument for Comms’ – to hear experts from the USA, Indonesia and the UK equip practitioners with the confidence to effectively plan, measure and demonstrate their value in context to the overarching business objectives.

PRCA Managing Director Renna Markson MPRCA said:

“There was a time when a lack of methodology or framework to what makes good measurement gave the PR professional an easy-out from taking measurement seriously. But with today’s difficult economic backdrop and the increasing recognition of the strategic value of communications in the boardroom, PR professionals can no longer afford to take a mild interest.

“There’s a culture-shift happening right now in PR and Communications, driven by a massive digital transformation in business, and most recently, the rise of Gen-AI. More practitioners are harnessing the power of data and our best skill, storytelling, to demonstrate the impact of their work. Don’t shy-away from the opportunity of being great at measurement – get along to as many PRCA PR measurement events this month.”

CARMA Co-Managing Partner & CEO Richard Bagnall FPRCA said:

“If the PR industry is to shake off a risky reputation of being largely a tactic focussed cost centre that generates lots of noise but with unclear value and instead wants to be shown rightfully as a strategic partner for organisational success, then practitioners need to shift their focus towards measuring the outcomes and the organisational benefits of their work. There are no more excuses – purely counting clips to demonstrate success sells our value short.

“Communications will remain a cost centre until it understands its effect beyond the counts and amounts of media outputs. AMEC’s Framework provides an on-ramp for practitioners everywhere to raise the bar in meaningful measurement and evaluation. Don’t fear PR measurement, embrace it.”

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