Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc duo win LATAM PRCA Next Generation PR World Cup


The Public Relations and Communications Association Americas (PRCA Americas) is pleased to announce that Guido Zanoni and Agustina Mikulka from Alurralde, Jasper + Asoc from Argentina have won the PRCA Americas PR World Cup LATAM Competition for their ‘3 degrees of separation’ campaign. The duo will go on to represent the LATAM at the International ICCO Next Generation PR World Cup 2022.

Responding to a brief set by the Cima Fundacion in Mexico, teams had 24 hours to create a campaign. The winning idea, ‘3 degrees of seperation, comes from the statistics that 1 of 3 people know someone with breast cancer and are therefore touched by cancer through three degrees of separation. The team wanted to use this statistic to develop a campaign that raises awareness of the fact that cancer is a shared problem and ordinary people can help support early detection.

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