This online course will help you become more streamlined in the way that you work, offering practical advice to help navigate through today’s busy and often stressful professional environment and get more of the important tasks done.

Event Type: Webinar

Trainer: Alice Newsham MPRCA

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Event Overview
How attendees will benefit
Attendees will:

Learn to track time effectively
Understand how time-tracking can be used to make you a more efficient PR pro
Develop techniques for setting priorities and meeting deadlines
Learn how to tell what’s important, and what’s not
Learn how to stop technology from dominating your time, and to use it to your advantage
Develop anti-procrastination techniques
Learn when and how to delegate
Be able to analyse and reduce stress
Who should attend:
This course is aimed at executive level staff or those new to PR, who would like to manage their time and workload more efficiently
What attendees will learn
The course will cover:
Time tracking and analysis
How and why goals are set
Hitting KPIs efficiently
Weighting tasks and setting priorities
Team working and delegation

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