The course covers an understanding of where PR meets legal obligations, where industry standards must be respected and met consistently, why a strong ethical approach is essential to uphold the PR profession and ultimately what the PRCA expects from its members with reference to its Professional Charter and Codes of Conduct.

Event Type: Webinar

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Trainer: Claire Walker

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How you will benefit:
Course delegates will have clearer understanding of what is acceptable professional advice and behaviour and what is not acceptable/illegal.
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Course Materials
The course comprises of a short presentation outlining where PR meets the law, including recent or relevant cases, it also covers the standards and broad ethical aims of the PR industry and specifically the PRCA code of conduct.

The course also includes a test of over 35 different ethical dilemma’s, covering simplistic, subjective, small, large, or specialist scenarios, and each candidate must decide on the most appropriate way forward, always carefully considering the boundaries and stipulations of the Code.
Delegates are expect to achieve over 80% correct answers to pass the course.

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