There are many ingredients to a successful PR campaign. Creativity, resources, media contacts and expertise are just some of them.

However, the common denominator for every successful PR campaign is the strategy upon which it’s built. Without a strategy you rarely gets a successful result.

Strategic thinking is a skill. Having a strategic mindset is one of the most important attributes for any successful PR practitioner. Sometimes it’s his natural flair but most of the time it’s a learned skill. Either way it is vital to every PR practitioner has a strategic mindset.

Event Type: Webinar

Places available: 50

Places remaining: 45

Trainer: Steve Dunne FPRCA

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Event Overview

Webinar Overview

In this 90 minute webinar delegates will learn not just what strategic thinking is, but how to make it an integral part of their everyday thinking process and how to deploy that thinking and systematic approach effectively in every PR  campaign and event they undertake. 

Who the webinar will benefit.

In house PR managers responsible for devising and managing PR campaigns. Agency account managers and senior account managers required to develop and manage strategic campaigns for clients. 

How delegates will benefit from the webinar

What attendees will learn from the webinar


Steve Dunne is an experienced corporate and agency PR director and trainer who has developed some of the most strategic campaigns in the sector. Steve has managed PR campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands and has devised strategies to change attitudes and perceptions across the b2b and b2c field including for the FMCG, manufacturing, technology, engineering, building, marketing,  finance and pharmaceutical sectors.