Event Overview

If you work in PR, chances are, you’ve been in a pitch. A weird phenomenon where we put blood, sweat and hours of resources into a plan that might not be bought. Where we go up against our fellow agencies, trying to guess what they might be putting in their response – and how we can undermine it. 

The pressure is often intense, the stakes high, the deadlines short. And once in the room, subtle magic can be woven, or it can all go south based on the drop of a pen (yes, this happened).  

On this panel, we talk about the PR Pitch. First, we’ll tackle the validity of this time-intensive and completely free piece of speculative work in a world where we’re valuing our skills more than ever. And then, we’ll talk about the art of a pitch, listening to some of the biggest name creatives in the game take us through their pitch horror stories and their top tips. 


Chair, Ottilie Ratcliffe, Global Creative Director at Milk & Honey PR.