Embracing client growth as a junior PR


New business. New biz. Business development. Phrases that are always being thrown about in agencies, that can stoke a sense of excitement or fear in colleagues in equal measure.

Whilst the more experienced agency professionals will most likely be comfortable with attracting and winning new business or strategically growing current client accounts, the thought couldn’t be any further from the truth for most junior colleagues.

As someone who started their PR career at a global agency, when the UK office was at the peak of its growth, I know the feeling only too well. Big brands and bigger targets being mentioned. Fancy presentations or funky ‘teaser’ materials being developed by super-creative colleagues. What difference could I really make?

But I soon realised that some of day-to-day responsibilities and the skills I was developing, were important to the agency’s growth.

Some of the seemingly basic or, let’s face it, boring tasks junior colleagues are given, can often hold the keys to opening up new opportunities with clients.

That admin job you do on a daily or weekly basis? There’s much more value in it than you probably realise.

Encouraging new joiners to think about client growth and new business from the start can not only bring in fresh thinking, but it can also lay the foundations of a mindset that will stay with them forever. A mindset the embraces curiosity and opportunity.

From having your finger on the pulse of your clients’ industries and wider society to knowing which journalists and influencers are saying what about who or keeping track of burgeoning trends and movements – they are all really important habits. But how do you make the most of those?

Whether you’re an apprentice or account executive, the session I’ll be running with the PRCA will help you to have a better understanding of new business and client growth and take a fresh look at the difference you could make in the process. 

Discover how even the most inexperienced team members can use their skills to not just keep clients happy, but to grow accounts.

You can find more information and book your slot here.

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